• January 9, 2020
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GP’s Advice When Choosing an Aesthetic Clinic

Aesthetic treatments with dermal fillers have been in use for a very long time. Millions of people have undergone aesthetic treatments due to its established safety profile. However, finding a good aesthetic cleaning can prove to be quite the challenge. Filtering all the information that is on the internet especially on social media, not to mention the persistent online ads can be a hard task. There are too many beauty parlours, spas, and aesthetic clinics that are seeking to grab your attention and money. Some of them may give you a lot of misleading information, which is highly likely to result in your dissatisfaction. So how do you know what and who you can trust? When it comes to your body, especially facial and skin treatments, you want to be sure that you are making the right choice when choosing an aesthetic clinic. Here are some worthy tips and advice on choosing the right and best aesthetic clinic before deciding to go for aesthetic treatment.

Begin With An Intensive And Thorough Search 

Chances are high that you have seen ads from aesthetic clinics on TV or on the internet detailing how good their treatments are. Booking an appointment based on an ad you might have just seen is not recommended at all. It is recommended that you conduct a broad search before making a final decision. Many countries have national registers of licensed aesthetic treatment experts such as dermatologists, dentists, and plastic surgeons. This might be a good place to start as you search for the right clinic.

Conduct online research about a clinic and find out what information is out there about that clinic. Look up their website and social media channels and find out how they go about their operations. You can learn a lot about the professionalism and expertise of a company from their blogs and social media posts. Make sure you read up customer reviews about their service to get a feel of how the clinic handles their clients. You could also listen to recommendations from friends who have had satisfying experiences with certain aesthetic clinics.

Make Sure The Clinic Has A Medical Director & Regulated Professionals 

The field of aesthetic treatment is not particularly regulated. However, there are certain professionals within it that are regulated. For example, registered nurses, physicians, and dentists are all licensed to work and are regulated by an institution that seeks to protect the public. These institutions have set certain standards of education, training, and tests that must be passed so as to practice legally. This means that the standard of care you receive will be of the highest standards. This is really critical especially in the scenario that you are thinking of a highly aggressive treatment that may have serious consequences if the treatment is not done correctly. It is also important to note if the clinic offers and herbal treatments or supplements such as CBD oil or diet pills as they may need to be discussed further with your GP.

Treatments such as botox, dermal filler treatments or basically any treatments involving skin resurfacing have risks associated with them and could prove disastrous if not performed in the right way. The depth of knowledge and experience of a licensed professional is not worth compromising. You will find that they have valuable expertise when it comes to telling the difference between a normal reaction and one that may require immediate medical intervention.


Make Sure The Clinic Offers Consultation Before Treatment 

A lot of aesthetic clinics offer complimentary consultations as a stand-alone service. It is a great way for you to get insight into the clinic, the working staff, and the medical director in charge. This insight can be deeply meaningful especially if you are uncertain about what it is that you are looking for. Make sure you ask plenty of questions during the consultation and pay attention to whether the staff is able to answer them or not. Any clinic that is unclear about potential side effects or complications is a red flag that you should take note of.

You want to make a well-informed decision so make sure that you understand the risks and benefits of the treatment you would like. The consultation should not be focused on them making a sale and you should not feel pressured to book for a service that you are still unsure about. Remember to confirm whether the person you are meeting is the one doing the treatment. If they are not, try to meet the person who will actually do it so that you can establish a relationship with them.

How Much Does The Clinic Charge? 

It is a widely known fact that aesthetic services can be pretty expensive. For all that monetary investment you make, not to mention the time and emotions invested in the whole procedure, you have to be sure about the results you will be getting in return. Make sure that the clinic you choose is clear about the costs of treatment. You should be able to get different packages regarding the kind of treatment you would like. It’s worth remembering that some of the services you get are likely to hike your costs so that you achieve your desired result.

For example, if you dislike your jowls, your options may be to use botox, dermal fillers, or a skin resurfacing procedure such as fractora. All of these processes done together would grant you an amazing result. However, they would also be very expensive. A good clinic will provide you with a comprehensive skin care plan that will show how much is required and how much you need to save over a particular period of time.